Civic Campus Schoolhouse Restoration

Our Shared Project Goals

Our vision is to deliver a Civic Campus consistent with the spirit and design of the City of Woodinville as set forth in the Downtown Illustrative Guidelines while creating a vibrant community gathering place that enhances the existing Woodinville character and charm.

Gathering Place
Create a Community Gathering Place
Retain & Restore
Retain & Restore the Old Woodinville Schoolhouse
Recreation Center
Retain the Woodinville’s Recreation Center
Financially Feasible
Be Financially Feasible for Private Developers
Limit Risk
Limit the City’s Financial Investment and Risk

Project Offerings

It is our goal to collaborate with the City of Woodinville to create a Civic Campus that includes private residences, unique public spaces, and commercial businesses that will be an area of community activity and engagement for everyone to enjoy.

1 Restoration of Historic Schoolhouse
2 Signal & Intersection Improvements at 175th and 133rd
3 Retain Existing YMCA Gym & Madrona Room
4 New YMCA Space for Childcare & Classes
5 Public Open Space (Details Below)

Woodinville Civic Campus will be restoring the historic Schoolhouse, while creating additional retail opportunities on the first and second floors.


Retaining and restoring approximately 8,000 SqFt of the on-site YMCA as well as creating additional 6,000 SqFt recreation space.

  • 8,000 SqFt

Over 20,000 Sqft of proposed retail, restaurant, and commercial space – including the first and second floors of the Schoolhouse. 6,500 SqFt of new retail space created by the Woodinville Civic Campus.

  • 20,000 SqFt

Beautifully designed multifamily residential units that continue the farm/forest aesthetic and high quality materials.

  • 260-275 Multifamily Residential Units
Open Space

High quality materials and a farm/forest aesthetic to promote connectivity with surrounding public trails and parks through pedestrian connectors, bike trails, and plazas. There will be 50 shared spaces to support the WRC and visitors to the residential units.

  • Over 30,000 SqFt of Open Space
  • City-Wide Festival Street
  • Outdoor Movie Viewing Area
  • Public Lawn for Community Events
  • Interactive Garden and Urban Forest
  • Performance Stage
  • Plazas, Gathering & Seating Areas, Community Lawn

Public Open Space

The Civic Campus will offer walkable outdoor open space that the community can enjoy. In addition to the wonderful open spaces, there will also be Festival Street – built to accommodate Farmer’s Market and other community celebrations and events.

1 The Plaza
2 Living Room
3 Woodinville Stroll
4 The Overlook
5 Retail Seating & Dining
aRetail Corner
6 City-Wide Festival Street
7 The Garden
8 YMCA Kids Playground (Public/Private
9 Historic Schoolhouse Front Entry
10 Interactive Garden
Existing (41% Open Space) Primarily Asphalt Parking
Proposed (51% Open Space) Walkable Community Area
OverlookOutdoor Movie Viewing Area
Woodinville StrollClose Proximity to Retail & YMCA
Living RoomCommunity Open Area


When it comes to creating vibrant, walkable downtowns, MainStreet totally gets it. MainStreet cares about creating that sense of place and does a great job revitalizing and bringing life and quality design into downtown communities.
Rob KarlinseyCity Manager, City of Kenmore
Just like MainStreet has done for other downtown areas in surrounding cities such as Bothell, Kenmore and Sammamish, they will once again knock the ball out of the ballpark for the City of Woodinville. We can’t wait to see this vibrant center emerge in downtown Woodinville and hope to be involved in its creation. This public/private partnership represents a huge potential opportunity for Woodinville and the revitalization and saving of the historic Woodinville Schoolhouse.
James & DemingOwners of Poquitos & Bastille
The Northshore YMCA is excited to be a part of the new Civic Campus project. The project will provide a great gathering place for the community and will allow the YMCA to expand its local services.
Cynthia KleverExecutive Director, Northshore YMCA

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